What are Brownfields?
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Brownfield Area – a contiguous area of real properties consisting of one or more brownfields sites (parcels), some of which may not be contaminated with petroleum products or hazardous material. A brownfield site is a single parcel of vacant or improved real property. Brownfield areas or sites may be identified by local government or community stakeholders.

Such areas may include all or portions of community redevelopment areas, enterprise zones, empowerment zones, other such designated economically deprive communities and areas, and Environmental Protection Agency-designated brownfield pilot projects. 376.79(4) F.A.C.

A Redevelopment tool that can facilitate: Historic Preservation, Economic development,
Community development, Community development,Residential projects,Open-Space/ Green-Space projects and Reduction of public health and environmental hazards, Removal of stigma, Promoting effective use of community resources.