City of Holly Springs

The  City of Holly Springs Municipal Court Information

SaSha B. Marsh, Municipal Court Clerk

538 J M Ash, Holly Springs, MS

Telephone: (662) 252-4652

Facsimile:(662) 252- 6220  

Municipal Court

General Offenses:

Child Restraint $178.00

Careless Driving $200.00

Reckless Driving $200.0

Improper Equipment $203.00

No Insurance $407.50

Improper Passing $228.00

Red Light/Stop Sign $228.00

Seatbelt $60.00

No/Expired Tag $225.00

Switched Tag $424.00

Window Tint $253.00

Failure to Yield $228.00

Failure to Yield to Emergency Lights $403.00

Leaving the Scene of an Accident $353.00


10 mph $223.00               12 mph $225.00

12 mph $227.00               13 mph $229.00

14 mph $231.00               15 mph $233.00

16 mph $235.00               17 mph $237.00

18 mph $239.00               19 mph $241.00

20 mph $253.00               21 mph $255.00

22 mph $257.00               23 mph $259.00

24 mph $261.00               25 mph $263.00

26 mph $265.00.              27 mph $267.00

28 mph $269.00               29 mph $271.00

30 mph and over $283.00


Make Payment: Pay your citation online or call: 1-800-701-8560

Court Rules:

No children under 14 years of age are allowed in the courtroom.

Absolutely no cell phones, pagers or other electronic devices are allowed in the courtroom. DO NOT BRING THEM IN THE BUILDING!

Do not approach court personnel in the courtroom unless your name is called.

Excessive talking and/or bad attitudes will not be tolerated.


Dress Code:

No halter tops allowed.

No revealing clothing allowed.

No tank tops or muscle shirts allowed.

No shorts or miniskirts are allowed.

No T-shirts with offensive writing or emblems are allowed.

No sandals/flip flops.

Court FAQs:

When is my court date?

Answer: If you received a ticket, your court date/time can be found at the bottom of your ticket. Court starts at 9:00 a.m. at 107 South Market Street, Courtroom B Holly Springs, MS 38635

What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: We accept cash, money orders. You can also pay online or over the phone with a credit card, there is a fee for this service you can go here to pay your traffic tickets without coming to court or call 1-800-701-8560.

How can I find out why my driver’s licenses are suspended?

Answer: If you have been arrested for driving while license suspended, you can call The Mississippi Department of Driver’s Improvement @ 601-987-1224; they will tell you why and who has your license suspended, as well as what you have to do to get them correct.

What if I received a ticket for No Proof of Insurance?

Answer: The State of Mississippi requires you to have Proof of Insurance in your car at all times. If you get stopped and you have insurance but you do not have it with you, you can bring in your proof of insurance showing you did have insurance at the time you were stopped, we will call your insurance company to verify your insurance and a copy will be made for your file and the ticket will be dismissed. If your insurance card is on your phone or an electrical device, you will need to bring in a copy of your insurance card to the clerk’s office. The State of Mississippi passed a new law in April 2018 charging a 1st, 2nd and 3rd offense for not having insurance. If you did not have insurance at the time you were stopped the 1st offense will be $407.50, 2nd offense $507.50 , 3rd offense $607.50. This is a State mandated fine. If you do not purchase insurance your Driver’s License will be SUSPENDED for 1 year or until you provide proof of insurance to the Department of Public Safety in Jackson, MS.