City of Holly Springs

Police Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Holly Springs Police Department is to provide professional law enforcement services to the City of Holly Springs without bias. The Holly Springs Police Department will be diligent in its efforts to ensure a safe environment for all individuals and businesses within the city of Holly Springs. The department will also provide assistance to other federal, state, or local agencies in a manner that will reflect a most positive image of our city and department.

We recognize that our most valuable resource is our employees. We are committed to the personal success of every employee and helping them excel in all their endeavors.

To achieve our mission, we must identify the core values which give ideals to the morals and ethics of the position we hold true and faithful. Those values are caring, honesty, loyalty, fairness, integrity, respect for others and the pursuit of excellence. We must hold these values as evidence that we will perform to the highest standards of morals and ethics to ensure our integrity as a professional law enforcement agency.

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